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SL's No1 Listed Radio Station

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Over 4000 in world members... Over 30 hours of live & original content each week.....Over 37 live shows a week... Over 16 partner clubs... Over 22,000 website visits

Become an ENT Ambassador

We know you enjoy SL Entertainment, so why not become an ENT Ambassador?

By becoming an ENT Ambassador you will be supporting your favorite ENT partner club venue you are at right now, along with the great entertainment available in world that broadcast on ENT SL Radio.

Becoming an ENT Ambassador is easy.  Simply mention ENT SL Radio and your favourite ENT Partner club to your friends and people you meet, when exploring SL.

Pass on the ENT url so people can play ENT SL Radio on their land or direct them to the ENT website so they can listen to the wide variety of great entertainment.

Place this URL on your land in SL - http://srv6.karadio.biz:20474/

Pass this URL to the Website to your friends - http://entslradio69.webs.com/

ENT SL Radio celebrating diversity in Second Life

ENT SL Radio prides itself on the diverse nature of the content broadcast to residents of SL, through the many live shows broadcast every week.

However we feel we can do more, we are seeking clubs and groups that represent diversity, whether your club or group represents non English speaking residents or perhaps your group is made up of members from the gay or lesbian community.

Are you from a non-human avatar group, perhaps a fury, fae or perhaps a mermaid, are you involved in a kink community.

Regardless of your special interest, ENT SL Radio wants to provide exposure and support through the promotional power that SL’s No1 listed community radio station can provide.

All services are free of charge and with over 4300 members and over 23,000 visits to our website, our services will assist in supporting you and your members.

Contact Shane Foresight or Kaijah Chrome and discuss how we can assist


Support ENT SL Radio
Place our station at your place!

The best way to support our efforts to bring the best in entertainment to the residents of SL is to place our station at your place.

Whether it's at your home, your club, your store, your sim, by placing us at your place you show your support and at the same time support the talented individuals that provide content to ENT SL Radio and at the same time entertain you and your friends


Easy, copy the link below and in your about land go to the sound tab.

Then paste the link into the field provided.

If you have any issues with this process contact your land agent or landlord.

ENT SL Radio link- copy & paste in land



ENT SL Radio & Internet Radio

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