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ENT SL RADIO NEWS..... Have an idea for your own show on ENT SL Radio!..... Why not bring that dream to reality and contact the team at ENT to discuss your show idea and what's involved in getting your show to air......Myspace Scrolling Text Creator
Over 2500 in world members... Over 40 live shows a week... Over 24 partner clubs... Over 12,000 website visits

Announcing New Shows!


Back The Real to the ENT Partner Group

ENT SL Radio & Internet Radio

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Relay for Life

ENT SL Radio is a proud sponsor of this years Relay for Life.

There will be a number of events across SL to raise money for Relay for Life.

Below is a link to the main website where you can donate money to this worthy cause.

Live performers mix
Now playing on ENT

For your listening pleasure, we have selected some of the best performers in SL, from the ENT stable of stars.

Currently playing on the 24/7 is the ENT Live Performers Mix, where you will be treated to recordings of live performances from the stars of ENT.

We hope you enjoy the ENT Live Performers mix and make sure that you check the schedule page for live shows.

The ENT Transport HUB, your ride to the action!

Introducing the ENT Transport HUB,  you can easily get to all the ENT live shows The transport HUB displays show information from all the shows and even directs you to any live shows in progress through the new interactive design.

You can get to the new ENT Transport HUB in a number of ways
 Via in-world group notices
 Via the in world places, search for ENT
 Via SL events, posted for ENT Live shows

It really couldn't be any easier, why waste time searching for venues and then finding that they are empty or worse still, where there is no action.
If you want action, fun and socialising, then visit an ENT live show, go to the HUB and take a look around, find something you like, then simply use the TP on each live show bus shelter.
See you soon at one of the many live shows broadcast each week from some of the most vibrant clubs in SL.