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Tips for playing 
A Matter of Time Game

In World Interactions:

When playing A Matter of Time, you will interact with your environment and the characters you meet, it is important that you pay attention to what they say.

OCR HUD Messages:

We advise when you receive a message from Central Command, that you stop and read in full.

If you miss an Audio clue or interaction:

Sometimes sounds in world can be affected by SL servers and your internet.

If you miss an audio message, retrace your steps and listen again, so you do not miss anything.

What if you miss an OCR HUD Message:

If you miss an OCR HUD message, retrace your steps ,  and if you are lucky, Central Command might resend you the message.

Explore your environment:

There are many things for you to collect, however only some of them will be needed. Make sure you do not miss something as you may need it later in your mission.

What happens if i crash:

If you crash you will have to start the game again.

What else can i expect:

You can expect the unexpected

Be aware that the perpetrator has placed down items that may teleport you back to previous times, in which case you will need to restart from that time in order to progress.

The perpetrator is cunning, they have also placed objects on characters you might meet, the only problem is that some of these characters may also be working for central command, you are never quite sure.

Some will give you objects you may need and others may send you back.

Join A Matter of Time Group

Joining the group may assist you in your mission.