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Want to make a difference to your business in SL?

If your shopping for entertainment for your sim or club then look no further.

At absolutely no cost to you, that’s right, no cost why not consider hosting an ENT SL Radio live broadcast at your sim or club.

Choose from a number of station regulars who have a large following of listeners and have them broadcast from your place, we even have our own mobile studios which we can rez at your club or sim.

House DJ's can also stream live on ENT radio to capture, not only people on your sim but also grid wide.

This increases your exposure across the grid and in the process will attract more people to your venue.

Think about it, apart from the members of your own group, ENT SL Radio already has a high listenership who will tune in and come along to a live broadcast.

Again we have to mention to you that there is absolutely no cost to you, so what are you waiting for, contact either shane foresight or Kaijah Chrome for details.

Station Business Partners

Golden Sensations is your newest and most sensational club on the entertainment scene.

If you're looking for a club with a great vibe then Golden Sensations is for you

Great entertainment, events,live music,DJ's

We are a Daddy Dom and Babby Girl friendly club,we encourage all couples in the scene to join us and have fun in this friendly and laid back environment.

Golden Sensations is a place where you can be who you want to be!

TP:- http://maps.secondlife.com/secodnlife/Zurich%20Hillside/223/123/4000

Purge hangout and roleplay is first and foremost hangout. We love to chat about all matter of things.

We are also a roleplay combat sim, themed on the movie The Purge. We have a specially developed HUD amd Meter which is used during the roleplay. Our focus is on providing members and visitors with an experience they will remember and keep coming back to play, for all those in SL who are looking for something different then we suggest that you come over and grab a gun and start PURGING!

TP:- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kingdom%20of%20Ambrosia/110/107/24

Saddles Canyon Country Retreat is a live music venue entertaining members and visitors with a great mix of Country and Rock.

Set in a magnificently designed asthetic sim, so many attractions to visit, romantic areas, concert and event areas, riding trails shopping and so much more.

Come over and visit  Saddles Canyon Country Retreat today!

TP:   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lumiya/41/114/32

Looking for the latest in RLV and bondage based furniture and equipment for your adult pleasure, then smooching serpents is a store you must visit. All your kinks catered for, all types of furniture and equipment available, leaving the rest to your imagination  and your role play.

Come and visit us here at smooching serpent and take the tour of our wide range of furniture offerings

TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Villareal/151/45/25

Smitten Dating Agency, Come on down to Smitten Dating Agency,we promise it's like no other place you have visited!

If you are looking for a connection with others, perhaps that special someone you have been searching for, then Smitten are for you.

There are so many great things to see on our full sim, We have cuddle area,Drive-in movie theatre, Magic Fishing, 7 Seas, experience romance around every corner, popular games to play and much more!

We encourage all gender and relationship types.

We have amazing residential areas with incredibly low tier prices, at only 65 L per week and 120 prims, this is amazing offer you cant miss.

Voice chat is encouraged!

Place Smitten Dating Agency on your must on your must visit list today

Search in world for Smitten Dating Agency, come up and say hi today!

TP- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Saint%20Martin/65/131/27

If you're into voice and love interacting with other people, then open mic swingers is the place you must visit.

We are a lifestyle based sim and encourage social interaction, we are a friendly and welcoming group.

We have many events which are designed for couples and singles to meet and get to know each other

As part of our opening, we are giving some lucky members the opportunity to live in their very own home, here at open mic swingers sim, free of charge.

For more detail on joining Open mic swingers, contact whitewolfvictor or midnightmandy

Join us at open mic swingers, where your voice will be heard.

Old Harley Motor Cycle has got a fantastic track up to 2500 meters up with some fantastic scenery. We are also looking to recruit people to be part of our MC Family.

Come and see for yourself how friendly we are on Sim, if you are in a Biker  MC  and looking for a track to ride with your MC, then try out our track smooth and custom made by Maureenann Dalglish. old Harley MC has meet and greets once a month and has bowling alley, bull riding, quiz ball and cuddle spots with fantastic scenery.

We also have MD. CC Custom bikes and clothing available, if you are looking for a custom bike, come over and check out what we can do for you.

We also have Danny's customs, another great bike builder, come along and enjoy your ride.

The All New Jessi's Mini Mall is now open!

The Mall features 3 stores:-

Sweet Hearts Designs - A little's clothing store, with lovely designs for your little ones in SL

The Sugar Grove is a beauty shop for kids, pamper your children and introduce them to beauty in a fun and welcoming way.

Bearly Essentials Gift Shop- for you and your loved ones, greeting cards and more

Stop by today at our kid friendly sim and grab a landamark, all ages are welcome

TP:- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pearl%20Gulf/47/136/4068

FMD is your fun adult playground

FMD is a high traffic meeting point / hangout lounge with an average of 1000 visits a day, consisting mostly of members who raise the bar in SL fashion standards.

We love voice, if you are into conversation in a freindly respectful environment, then FMD is for you

Come and join us in our games area and meet the great people who hang at FMD

Place FMD on your must visit destination list.

Visit our facebook Site - https://www.facebook.com/FMD

ENT SL Radio is proud to announce our collaboration with Showtime Magazine.  We share the goal of promoting live music in SL in a non-profit environment.  Click the link below to learn more about Showtime Magazine and watch for the winner of the Live Music Awards, to be announced soon!

ENT SL Radio is proud to announce our collaboration with Showtime Magazine.  We share the goal of promoting live music in SL in a non-profit environment.  Click the link below to learn more about Showtime Magazine or contact Electra Spearsong for additional information.

Website: - http://www.showtimemagazine.net/







Marketplace- https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/43248

TP  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fairytale%20Forever/185/155/22

Forks County Family Roleplay Community

Are you looking for Longterm Roleplay, or maybe a place to bring your family together? If You said yes to either of those then Forks County is the home for you.  Spanning across 2 sims Forks County offers a touch of something for everyone. 

Job Opportunities

-Police Department

-Fire Department



-Taxi service

Forks County Houses not only Numerous, jobs, but a DMV Bank and Courthouse, but coming soon an Elementary School. We also have HHCS Stadium for girls ages 2 to 18.


You are invited to see one of the best Summer shows of the year!

Honey Hills Cheerleaders are proud to present:

"Summer Breeze Cheer Show"

Date: Sunday, June 4th, 2017

Time: 2:00pm SLT

Place: HHCS Ke Aloha Memorial Cheer Stadium/Forks County

TP- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vineyard%20Isle%20Valley/128/246/300

Hey all bikers and MC's, if you love to ride,then North Falls riding sim is the place where the rubber hits the road

If you love to take long rides on a purpose built sim, then come on over and bring your bike and lets ride.

With a friendly and drama free group, you're sure to have fun and meet people with the same interests as you.

come and join us in the many regular events and give aways

so many reasons to visit North Falls riding sim and get into the action today

TP:- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pearl%20Gulf/177/104/22

D.I.E (Dark imagination Entertainment) brings wrestling to secondlife!! 

Weekly shows at 4pm slt on Tuesdays.

 Live action with commentary and stories that unfold before your eyes.

If you haven't experienced this amazing spectacle, then come on over and be part of the action.

Meet the wrestlers and sit ringside in our purpose built stadium


Introducing OnLinker.com a safe and friendly social network for Second Life users. Make new friends, find romantic connections, share your photos, create events, write blog posts and much more... all for free, and without the possibility of being banned for being 'not real'. Because at OnLinker, Second Life is our focus.

Keep in contact with those you have connected with in SL, even when you are not in world.

Check out OnLinker.com today....Click on the link below


Unity Alabama Roleplay Sim

Looking for a place to Roleplay? Interested in being a business lead? Unity, Alabama Roleplay sim is a modern day adult roleplay community that offers a variety of character options. Our farm and vet clinic cater to animal characters while the home for wayward children offers the opportunity for those seeking a family style Roleplay.  Or if you have a kinky side, we also offer various areas that allow for a more risque style of roleplay. We have storefronts available, businesses to lead or work in, and homes to rent so you can live where your story evolves. Unity, Alabama, come play with us.

TP: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Unified/125/136/4003


Facepalm is a mix of sexy, comfy, formal and casual clothes for both men and women.

Mesh & fitmesh clothes as well as applier based, you can find something for most any occasion.

Designed by one of the most celebrated and contemporary designers in SL, your sure to be noticed when you wear a Ripley Darwin creations.

The facepalm label is synonymous with bold clothing, we feel that SL is about making a statement and we believe that when you wear the facepalm label you project who you want to be in SL.


Blog: https://facepalmdesignssl.wordpress.com/

100 L$ Below! looking for good quality  an affordable clothes come down to the untamed candy shop and dont forget to stop at our restaurant  waterfall cafe an grab you a bite to eat where the food an customer service is good. so come on down to the Untamed candy shop.

TP:- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Legacy/62/31/42

Second life’s longest running independently owned news source since 2005

We provide services in news reporting and advertising to the business community of SL

We have a focus on fashion, entertainment and all things that interest the residents of SL,

The SL Enquirer, your number 1 news and special interest publication.

Website Link Below:


TP:- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LUXORY%20NORTH/242/106/23

Bats out of hats

If you love unique things

If you like dark miscellanea

Then Bats out of hats is the store you must visit

Looking for that mysterious accessory to darken up your home or your wardrobe

then Bats out of hats is the store you need to visit

For something a little different, a little extraordinary, then visit Bats out of hats

TP: - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Zamargad/86/37/634

Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery. Established in 2009.  Creator of Fine, Hand-made, Ultra Realistic, Low-lag Jewellery ranging from Casual Everyday, to Men's Jewellery, to Formal to Runway Couture Jewellery, including an Exquisite Line of Crowns, Tiaras, Royal Jewels and Wedding & Engagement Ring Sets.  Chop Zuey has recently opened a Clothing Couture Sky Boutique filled with the most Exquisite line of Diamond Gowns and Dresses.  Come Visit us on the Chop Zuey Sim.


Station Club Partners

Rogue Lounge is one of SL's hotspots and a great place to visit for SL entertainment.

We have shows throughout the week, so stay tuned to our group chat and notices to keep up with whats hot in SL entertainment.

Rogue Lounge is the place to be seen in SL and number 1 for SL entertainment.

Wizardly Falls is a OYO breedable accredited auction and market sim.

We feature a rental area, an entertainment stage, virtual fishing and other amenities.

For all of your  horse based breedable needs with a little extra entertainment, come and visit us here at Wizardly falls 

Rainbow Rhapsody is an LGBT focused portal, which provides support to the LGBT community in SL.

We provide resources for those in SL that belong to the LGBT community through our various networks and connections with venues and services, we help those looking for support with places and people that can assist in making them feel welcomed in SL.

We also provide entertainment through our DJ's and music events, we also boardcast entertainment focused on music from the various clubs we are associated with in Second Life.

All adult avi's are welcome to come to RR, regardless of gender.

Join us weekdays between 8.30am and 10.00am slt where we will announce the days events at RR and across our associate venues and clubs.

Come and share the treasures you discover in the LGBT circle, here at Rainbow Rhapsody.

Coverdales delivers a great brand of entertainment for those who love alternative music. Come and visit Coverdales and be part of the alternative music scene.

Love 2B Hangout is an entertainment venue with a difference. Each Friday night people put their names into a fishbowl and just before the live show a name is selected and they choose the theme for the following week.....talk about a show that is inclusive. There are costume contests where you can win 1000 L and so much more. Love 2B Hangout is an entertainment venue you must visit.

At Club Dragonfly we celebrate individuality, we make it easy to be who you want to be in SL. We are a fun and welcoming venue, through music and social events, we encourage all in SL to come and visit.

We are open Thursday to Sunday from 11am to 7pm SLT and special events on Monday's.

We have a variety of entertainment designed to enhance your SL experience.

Join us at Club Dragonfly and be part of something special.

Secret Life lounge is a classy hanging spot for open minded singles, couples and swingers.  The club prides itself on providing a comfortable environment where like-minded people can gather to enjoy all that is on offer without any pressure or harassment.  

Every week there are a variety of events taking place. Specialising in great live singers, the club sources the very best that SL has to offer and is always on the lookout for new talent to introduce.  Themed or impromptu events take place often with prized contests.  Sponsored events are a key feature, with some of SL’s well established and newest organisations offering great prizes at weekly or monthly contests.


 Looking for an escape from the normal club experience? Then come to Club Escapist, your escape from the norm. We offer an adult club venue where the music is always different as we don't hold back. All genres are played, as well as all walks of life. It doesn't matter who or what you are, you are welcomed at Club Escapist, so come party the night away with our crew of DJs, hosts, and dancers, or just relax and chill to the tunes in our spacious beach area. We are Club Escapist, the escape from the Norm.

Shenanigans is your number 1 music venues in SL....with a wide grange of music to suite all tastes......A great place to socialise and meet new people who have an interest in music.......Apart from the great music and great social vibe, we also have table games, cuddles and couples dances.....make Shenanigans your go to destinations venue in SL.

There's a lot of venues that suggest they deliver great entertainment, however there is one venue that stands out amongst them all.

Blues Cove has so much to offer those who enjoy the live music scene in SL, 

Those who love live entertainment in SL love the Blue Cove, with a great live entertainment vibe and shows accross the entire week, your sure to find something you like, here at Blues Cove.

Make sure you place Blues Cove on your must visit list of music venues in SL, come and hangout meet new friends and listen to great live music, here at Blues Cove.

We have a number of regular clubs and sims that take our stream and as such we would like to aknowledge them for their efforts and support.

Hotspot Links

Here is where you will find places that have been mentioned on the station during the Hot Spot segment.

Below are URL links to landmarks for the featured sponsors and hot spots.

Click on link to get Landmark
 Love 2B Hangout
 Rogue Lounge
 R&B Country Club
 Club Swaaag
 Milena Dolls Beach Club
 CMNF The Mansion
 Wizardly Falls
  Old Harley MC 
 Infinite Possibilities
 Club Nova
Moore Whiskey
 The Union
 Love Notes
 Club Sunstone
 Chilly Bear
 Rainbow Rhapsody
 London Knightsbridge
 Club Dragonfly
 Club Z
 Vixen Beach Club
 Country Girls Dance Club
 Rock N Horse Saloon
 Spotted Cat
 Peacock Lounge
 Paradise at Virgin Island
 Crooked Halo
 Dirty Martini Dance Club
 Old Harley Rock Club
 Party Island
 Sum Beach
 Inspiration Music Venue
 Fetish Life
 Blues Cove
 Falcon Cove
 Sound Drop
 Orchard Heights
 Secret Life Lounge
 Mad House
 Coach & Horses Pub
 Kitty Katz Jazz Club
 Amatsu Lounge
 Sex Mansion-The Original
 Kinksters Paradise
Club Escapist
 The World Falls Away
 Saville Gentlemens Club
 Say the Word
 Club Physco Path
 SL Playboy Mansion
 Blue Lagoon
 Shark Tooth beach Club
 Club CK
 The Inanna Club
 Southern Comfort
 Pink Cadillac
 Beau x
Club Taste
 Club Jester
 Ashley's Oasis
 Royal Desire
 Blue Moon
 Dirty Rythms
Cafe Musique
 The Swamp
 Rock Candi
 The Cellar
Music Soulmates
 The Crown & Moose
 The Stage
Fetish Life
Shades of Grey
 The Real
 Dance Chateau
 Hot Buttered Soul
 Children of the nightmare
 Beach Oasis
 NANIHI Ballroom
 The Event Club
 C&B Entertainment Multiplex
 Country Wildz
 AQ Coffee Shop